Harry Anderson 1990 to 1994, a written account

Functional sculpture composed of found objects in the form of lamps or light sculptures continue to be the primary focus of Andersons work. He still haunts flea markets in search of consumer goods to be used in his artwork. The mid twentieth century items that he finds are juxtaposed in a static arrangement wherein their nostalgic associations become elements in a dialogue. The objects are densely stacked to form totems to technology. Increasingly there is an element of cultural commentary in the work. While it still reflects a respect for technology, innovation and the mass produced object there is also concern about consumerism and the planned and unplanned obsolescence of goods produced. The work though, has lost none of its visual appeal or its sense of whimsy.

The artist continues to exhibit both in solo and group exhibitions. Anderson participates as an established artist in the Pew funded 1991 exhibition ARTIST CHOOSE ARTISTS at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, PA. In 1992 he will begin exhibiting at the Snyderman Gallery in Philadelphia. His first solo exhibit at the gallery takes place in December of that year.

Harry with Len Davidson, Neil Benson, Joel Spivack and Leo Sewell is a founding member of the Dumpster Divers. The group, whose members are dedicated to collecting, reusing and recycling, have their first meeting on April 1, 1992. They are joined that day by Kate Bartoldus and Steve Stormer, the groups first new members.

In addition to putting together sporadic exhibits at the warehouse in 1992 Harry Anderson cocurates with Smokie Kittner an exhibition of Philadelphia artists for the Krasdale Foods Gallery in NYC, NY. Then in 1994 he curates IN AND OUT OF THE LANDSCAPE, a site specific outdoor sculpture exhibition at the Penn State Berks Campus in Reading, PA.

In the summer of 1992 he will teach a workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Island, MI at the request of Italo Scanga.