Works by Harry Anderson

A wall installation by Harry Anderson taking the form of a spiral that is eight feet tall and thirteen feet wide

Eight by Thirteen   found objects   8' X 13' X 3"

A Harry Anderson lamp that combines hand blown glass with found objects and LEDs

Red Streak   found objects, hand blown glass, LEDs   33" X 10" X 7"

Harmony hand blown glasss / found objects / mixed media 61" X 19" X 16"

Harmony, detail

found object lamp by artist Harry Anderson

Epicurus   found objects, mixed media, hand blown glass   61.5" X 20" X 26"

An installation by Harry Anderson titled Planet Jr that incorporates parts of farm from the Planet Junior company implements and car hood ornaments

Planet Jr.   found objects   108" dia X 4"

A wall piece in the form of a clock made from found objects by Harry Anderson.

Thats What I Want   found objects   17" X 17" X 4"

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