Works by Harry Anderson

Harry Anderson light sculpture in the form of a table lamp

Untitled 2022,   found objects, hand blown glass   25" x 7.5"

Harry Anderson lamp sculpture created using found objects and hand blown glass

Untitled 2022,   found objects, hand blown glass   33": x 9"

Small sculpture, lamp by Harry Anderson is created from hand blown glass and found objects

Untitled 2020,   found objects, hand blown glass,  15" x 4.25"

Found objects, hand blown glass, brass and light

Untitled 2020,   found objects, hand blown glass   12" x 3.5"

Named after the Greek philosopher Epicurus who believed that that the universe is infinite and that all matter is made up of tiny invisible particles this illumination is made from the salvaged components of a classic 1950's lamp paired with a hand blown glass Saturn shade.

Epicurus II 2020, detail found objects, brass, copper, iron, hand blown glass, light 59" X 20" X 26"

Other than light the primary components of this hanging work are iron loops that were a flea market find which the seller had no idea what they were used for. When I see something at the flea market I just respond to it as an object of interest. The gestation of the idea for this hanging piece occurred while making random arrangements of the loops for fun.

Loops 2019   copper, brass, mixed media, found objects, LEDs, light 38" X 16" X 14" chandelier

A wall installation by Harry Anderson taking the form of a spiral that is eight feet tall and thirteen feet wide

Eight by Thirteen   found objects   8' X 13' X 3"

A Harry Anderson lamp that combines hand blown glass with found objects and LEDs

Red Streak   found objects, hand blown glass, LEDs   33" X 10" X 7"

Harmony hand blown glasss / found objects / mixed media 61" X 19" X 16"

Harmony, detail

An installation by Harry Anderson titled Planet Jr that incorporates parts of farm from the Planet Junior company implements and car hood ornaments

Planet Jr.   found objects   108" dia X 4"

A wall piece in the form of a clock made from found objects by Harry Anderson.

Thats What I Want   found objects   17" X 17" X 4"

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