Harry Anderson
About the artist

Anderson’s work as an artist has always been connected with an affinity towards the found object. He has been an enthusiastic collector of mass-produced, consumer goods from the '30s, '40s and '50s. These were first used in installations and arrangements. In the 1980s, light, then function became notable elements of the work. These works were created mainly from rearranged lamp components. Later, with the help and collaboration of several glass artists, hand blown glass elements were incorporated.

The work utilizes light as an element. Found objects juxtaposed in static arrangements and in site specific onesf form the core of this work. The objects that make up a piece are elements in a dialogue, at times playful, at time serious. As the vision changes new elements are used. The flee markets haunted through the seventies and eighties and the consumer items found there, such as FIESTA WARE inspired the Installations, Sculptures and Artists Books created then. These days the materials used in the work are found in the industrial salvage yards that have been created by the dismantling of U.S. industry. Tools and equipment that were once commonly used on family farms are also a resource. When seeing something designed purely for function, the inherent beauty of the successfully engineered object speaks to and inspires Anderson. The integrity of these objects and their ability to evoke past purpose makes their reuse as elements central his art.

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