Selection of artworks created by Harry Anderson between 1995 and 1999

I Roll is a sculpture lamp by artist Harry Anderson that takes the form of a running man

I Roll found objects / mixed media 40" x 24" x 39"

Round and Round is a sculpture lamp that combines hand blown glass and found objects

Round and Round hand blown glass / found objects / mixed media 56"H X 11"dia

Twister found objects / hand blown glass / mixed media 53.5" X 19" x 20"

Found object lamp

Q1 found objects / mixed media 84" X 12" dia

Pas de duex functions as a three dimensional line drawing with two elements twisting around each other

Pas de Duex found objects / hand blown glass / iron 54" x

Love Letters found objects

Swagger Found objects / hand blown glass 85" x 12" x 36"

Invitation to Anderson's 1998 exhibit to the Glass Gallery in Bethesda, Maryland

1995 - 1999


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