Recycled City

RECYCLED CITY was created by artists Harry Anderson and Smokie Kittner for THE PLEASE TOUCH MUSEUM, a children's museum in Philadelphia, PA.  The work takes for it's theme Philadelphia, referencing both the historic and contemporary architecture of the city. While RECYCLED CITY is aimed at the Museum's young audience it also contains references intended to amuse the adults who accompany them.

Representing the link to wall one of old city is a section of the with a structure that reperesents the old Reading Railway station in Philadelphia

A section of Wall One of Recycled City. View the rest of Wall One

Representing Center City Philadelphia are building releifs made of recycled packaging and childrens toys

View Wall Two, Center City Philadelphia of Recycled city

A representation of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in found objects

Found Objects including buttons, plastic toys and the face of a gum machine are used to create a representation of Fairmount Park, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and their environs.  View Wall Three of Recycled City.

Photograph of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge element of Recycled City

A bench in the form of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge is part of Recycled city

2000 - 2004
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